The Death Star

For my birthday this year, I wanted something very simple:  a compost tumbler. I know that seems like a lame thing to want for your birthday, but when you have a few birthdays under your belt, it is easier to ask for things that are practical.  I asked for my sister’s recommendation and she has the Lifetime 50 gallon one. You can get that on Amazon through this link: Compost Tumbler

photo 1 Ok this is a lot of parts and pieces. Two cups of coffee and two people. One to read the instructions, one to be the assembly guru.

photo 2 photo 3

The Death Star comes together! Of course, at this point, I was humming the song in my head for the rest of the day.

photo 5

Final assembly. I need to find a Star Wars bumper sticker for it.  I filled it with the pea plants and shells I pulled out from my last pea harvest this week.  It was getting really hot and the peas were delicious, but getting really big and starchy.

photo 4 First deposit into the tumbler. I unearthed my kitchen counter compost pail, only to find that it was missing the charcoal filter housing. An excuse to buy a new one! I ordered this cute one from Amazon (are you seeing a purchasing pattern here? Yep, my favorite place to armchair shop is definitely Amazon).  Click on the picture to link to the product.

Compost Bin

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