Homemade Laundry Soap

When I was at home this summer, my Mom was on the homemade laundry soap bandwagon.  I tried some of it and liked it, so decided to join in the fun.

Here are the ingredients:

1 Box of Super Washing Soda 3 lb. 7 oz.
1 Box of Borax 4 lbs 12 oz. size
1 Box of Pure Baking Soda 4 lb.
3 bars of Fels-Naptha 5.5 oz. or you could also use Ivory soap
1 container of Oxy-Clean 1.3 lb
*optional: Purex Crystals 28 oz. for scent (or you could use Downy unstoppables )

Note: I did get the Purex Crystals in a fairly neutral scent.

The Ingredients!

The Ingredients!

First I cut up the soap into chunks and ground it with my blender. I have the world’s worst blender, so this wasn’t as easy as it seemed and I had to do it in little batches. Next time, I’d add some of the baking soda to keep it from sticking so much. I also will use my food processor.  No way I was grating all that by hand!

photo 2photo 1

After grinding up the soap, I took it all outside and poured all ingredients into a big box, layering each ingredient by thirds to make later mixing easier. Then it’s stir, stir, stir. Try not to breathe in the dust. Wear a mask if you need to!

photo 4photo 5

The final result is a huge box of laundry soap. I put a 1/8 cup scoop into the box and that is all you need for a load of laundry. For front loaders, just put the soap on top of the laundry.  It takes out dirt, garden stains, garage stains and best of all:   this soap takes out doggy smell from dog bedding!  I still use Tide for my good clothes, but for everything else, especially towels and sheets, this soap is perfect.  I have enough to last me a very long time and I spent about $25.  Not bad!


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